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OLP Platform LIMITS on GOVERNMENT: In Ontario there are more than 700 boards, agencies, commissions and tribunals that control just about everything in the province. There's lots of room here for smaller government! The layer called Regional Government would disappear as would the Ministries of Citizenship; Culture, Tourism and Recreation; Housing; Francophone Affairs; Consumer and Commercial Relations; etc. Many others will be phased out or privatised. The Provincial government would be cut back to basics in the first phases of the plan and limited to those basics. Similarly, municipal governments would meet the same fate with equally fixed limits on what they can do. This is the only way that government will be brought under control and taxes reduced. The Fraser Institute is a great resource for information on the negative impact of government on the economy. The December 2009/January 2010 issue of Fraser Forum has an article titled Ontario's Spending Problem. Here are a few facts from this article. - Government spending increased 30% during McGuinty's first term ($73.9B in 2003/2004 to $96.5B in 2007/2008), an average rate of 6.9%, twice the average rate of inflation plus population growth. - The estimate for 2011/2012, the end of McGuinty's second term, is that government spending will have increased by 60% since 2003. - Had the Liberals limited spending increases to the rate of inflation and population growth, the province would have a cumulative surplus of $25B by the end of the first term and could have reduced debt, interest payments and taxes.


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